Using the Forum platform

Getting Started 

  • Register for the 2021 GEEP Asia Pacific Virtual EE Forum here.
  • Log in to Forum's PheedLoop platform here (link to come!).
  • Update your attendee profile with your image and other information you would like to share with others. 
  • Add live sessions to your personal calendar by clicking on the + sign next to the sessions you are interested in attending. 
  • Access the Youth Innovation Challenge finalist videos at any time. 
  • Chat with everyone on the right side of any page you are on. 
  • Form groups using the networking tool. 
  • Chat one-on-one with attendees by searching their name and clicking "Chat" on their profile.

If you're using the Webex Desktop App, please make sure you update Webex to the latest version! 

How do I add sessions to my personal schedule?

Click on the + sign to the left of the sessions you would like to add to your calendar.

snip of session

Where can I view my personal schedule?

In the Live Sessions section, use the filter to view your personal schedule. 

How do I edit my personal info and add my photo?

Click on Account on the left-side menu.

Edit profile

How can I network with attendees? 

Click on the Attendee Networking link (left side menu) to bring up options for reaching out to individuals or groups.

networking options


  • People: Chat with individuals.
  • Groups: Join an existing group or create a new group (of up to 25 people).
    View detailed instructions for joining and creating groups >
    Note: Follow the prompts to allow your mic and camera access, then click JOIN MEETING. We recommend using the default view and avoiding the full screen option. When you want to leave the group, simply navigate to another section of the site and you will be prompted to LEAVE THE GROUP.
  • Matches: Find people who have the same interests as you and chat directly.

Chatting Throughout the Platform
Wherever you see the chat column on the right of a page, you can:

  • Post a message to everyone by clicking on the green tab and entering your message in the blue chat box at the bottom of that column.
  • Start a private chat with anyone who is currently logged in by clicking on the yellow tab, then choose the person you would like to chat with.
How long will I have access to the Forum content?

Recordings of sessions will be available on the PheedLoop platform through April 2022. Please allow at least one week after the Forum for the recordings to be uploaded and linked to the agenda. 

Someone else registered for me and I didn't receive the information email. Who can I contact for help?

Please contact

PheedLoop troubleshooting: login, access, and registration.

If you are experiencing issues logging in, whether it is because your password is incorrect, you've been locked out due to too many failed attempts, or any other reason, please use the Reset Password option. An email with a new password will be sent to you, and your login attempts will reset as well. The email will come from "" with the subject "Your temporary password." (Check your junk folder in case you don't receive the email in your inbox.)

Error Message: We can't find anyone with that email address
Find the registration confirmation email and make sure you are using the same email address you registered with. If you need additional help, contact

Error Message: Sorry, you cannot log in to an event you are not attending
Your login credentials are valid, but you are not registered for the specific event you are trying to access. Contact

I'm having trouble accessing live sessions.

If you're experiencing issues with the live stream, it's likely local to your computer or browser configuration. The Asia Pacific Forum is using Webex to stream sessions through PheedLoop.

1. Browser: We strongly recommend using Google Chrome for its security and feature compatibility. And make sure the screen size is set to 100%.

2. Internet Connection: A high-speed internet connection is recommended to participate in sessions without experiencing interruptions. If the stream is working, but the audio or video seems choppy, it's possible that your internet connection is too slow, unstable, or bandwidth is being utilized elsewhere. Please make sure you update Webex to the latest version!

3. Other

  • Session is not yet live: Check the date and time of the session you're attempting to attend.
  • Getting video, but no audio: Make sure your speakers are not muted, none of the controls on the stream (if available) are muted, and no other tab is occupying your audio channel.
  • Microphone or webcam isn't working: Check to make sure you've granted the browser tab for the virtual event access to your microphone and webcam, this is usually toggled via a little video camera icon in your URL bar.